Anonymous: my biggest regret would be never truly accepting and loving the person that I have grown into

do it man !


i wish you were here / 1:44am
Anonymous: no one falling in love with me.



plantcreep why have I not seen you at all this year :(

i think i saw you once like that one time ???? imy you kay-sizzl


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At The Bottom Of Everything
Bright Eyes


She looks at the man and says “Where are we going?”

And he looks at her and he says “We’re going to a party.

We’re going to a birthday party. We’re going to your birthday party.”

  • me: *smiles at girls*
  • me: *glares at boys*

meadham kirchhofffw 14
Anonymous: Not falling in love with anyone.

same tho


its a metaphor hazel grace
Anonymous: not talking to him sooner


Anonymous: That I have made barely any friends. This is for is the thing about if we died today what would be our last regret.

make friends :)

Anonymous: not kissing him and not dying my hair all the colors I want to

kiss and dye ur hair